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6 Natural Valentine’s Day Gifts For Whomever Lights Up Your Life

6 Natural Valentine's Day Gifts For Whomever Lights Up Your Life

I know not everybody loves Valentine’s Day, but personally, it’s one of my favorite days of the year. Sure, it’s cheesy and silly and totally manufactured by the gift companies — actually, just by all companies nowadays — but I think it’s fun to have an excuse to get manicures with hearts on them and wear burnt pink eyeshadow and go out to dinner with loved ones. When it comes to February 14th, I know some other folks love to give sweet gifts, too, so take a peek at these natural and/or organic ideas! More »

Destress Valentine’s Day: Focus On Romance, Not Sex

Destress Valentine's Day: Focus On Romance, Not Sex

Ah yes, Valentine’s Day…chocolate, champagne, roses and the often unrealistic expectations for a night of unbridled romance. Feeling the pressure? You’re not alone. Both men and women can be stressed about having great sex on Valentine’s Day, but what if your mind, body and libido are just not that into it? To find out how to deal with this and other pressures to have the best romance ever on Valentine’s Day, we consulted with two relationship experts. The good news is, Valentine’s Day is not about being that “perfect” lover after all. More »

Afternoon Links: Worrying Is Bad For Your Skin And Your Relationship

Afternoon Links: Worrying Is Bad For Your Skin And Your Relationship

• Cool off with these healthy smoothie recipes. (Prevention)

Keep your pool clean without lifting a finger. (Shelterpop)

• Ten ways to improve your orgasm. (Third Age)

• Can stretch marks be eliminated? (Truth In Aging)

Anxiety isn’t pretty, especially when it comes to your skin. (YouBeauty)

• You can create chemistry even if you don’t feel an instant spark. (Your Tango)

Hydration do’s and don’ts for the summer. (Vitamin G)

Healthy sandwiches to bring to the office. (Fit Sugar)

• Add hemp seeds to your diet. (Well + Good)

• Got a mosquito bite you can’t stop scratching? Try these natural remedies. (Organic Authority)

• Stop aiming for a “Hollywood Body”. (HuffPost Fitness)

• Most romantic part of romance — through the mind of a man. (The Frisky)

Last Night’s Parenthood: You Can’t Make Someone Love You

Last Night's Parenthood: You Can't Make Someone Love You

Last night on NBC’s Parenthood, Crosby learned a valuable life lesson the hard way. Or, rather, Crosby didn’t learn a valuable life lesson at all. He had cheated on his fiancee, Jasmine, in a sloppy one-night stand, which caused her to kick him out of their apartment, and pretty much say: It’s over. Crosby then reacted by doing what most men do when they realize that they’ve been caught or they messed up or they understand that they’re about to lose someone or something that’s very important to them: He panicked. When this kind of thing happens, the cheater (in this case a man, but could easily be a woman) tends to overcompensate. He acts rashly — kind of like he did when he had the one-night-stand in the first place. He’s suddenly convinced that his only mission in life is to win his partner back, whatever it takes, whatever the cost. After all, a thief is almost always sorry after he gets caught. The problem is, once someone has fallen out of love with you, it’s pretty damn near impossible to make that someone love you again. More »

Rebutting Last Night’s Parenthood: Once a Cheater, Not Always a Cheater

Rebutting Last Night's Parenthood: Once a Cheater, Not Always a Cheater

The TV really is something: Yesterday we ran a Blisstree post called My Marriage Survived a Cheating Affair and So Can Yours, and wouldn’t you know it that one of the plot lines on last night’s episode of the so-bad-it’s-almost-but-not-quite-good NBC serial drama Parenthood was about dealing with the messy fallout of infidelity in a romantic relationship. To help get you up to speed, Crosby and Jasmine have an adorable six-year-old son together whom Crosby never knew about. (It was kind of a one-night-stand thing.) But they’ve been a couple for a year or so now, and got engaged on a recent episode. Tensions and problems began to arise, as they have a tendency to do in relationships in life and art (if you can call Parenthood art; I can’t). Jasmine is being too controlling; Crosby feels like he doesn’t get to make any decisions in or about the relationship or his son’s upbringing; Jasmine re-loads the dishwasher because Crosby always does it wrong. (I agree with her; he does.) They argue. Communication breaks down, which leads to more tension and anxiety.

Cut to a family event (Crosby’s nephew’s birthday party) at which Jasmine and her son are absent, and after which Crosby sleeps with Gaby, his nephew’s personal aid/tutor. Oops. More »

An Open Marriage Can Save Your Relationship

An Open Marriage Can Save Your Relationship

Last week I published a post called Expert Tips on How to Fix Your Sexless Marriage, in which I asked Dr. Julie Elledge – a psychotherapist for individuals and couples who deals with many issues of sexual health – about what’s considered “normal” and “abnormal” when it comes to having sex (or not having sex, as the case may be) in a marriage or long-term relationship. Today I’m grilling our resident sexpert on the deal with open marriages, a controversial and complicated subject about which I’ve always been fascinated. Can they ever really work? What are the pros and cons? What kinds of people are able to maintain them? Sorry, but I have a lot of questions about marriages where couples openly sleep with other people, and suspect you might, too. So let’s get them answered: More »

My Marriage Survived a Cheating Affair and So Can Yours

My Marriage Survived a Cheating Affair and So Can Yours

My marriage survived a cheating affair. At least, it’s survived so far. This episode of infidelity occurred less than two years into our marriage, though my husband, Paul, and I had been together for many years beforehand. And neither of us had ever cheated on each other before. It was a one-night, one-time indiscretion (not that I’m making excuses) that happened during a four-day work conference clear across the country (cliched, I know). Oh, and I wasn’t the cheater. He was.

My husband didn’t know this other woman; they met at the work conference. As often happens at these kinds of boring functions, much drinking ensued during the post-seminar evening hours (again, not an excuse, just saying). Unpleasant story short: Paul got drunk. The woman got drunk. They ended up drunkenly “making out” in the hotel bar, which, for me conjures images of a sloppy high school prom. Later, Paul and this woman stumbled back to his room. A few hours later she was gone, and in the early morning hours Paul awoke apparently not knowing what had happened (perhaps largely due to the getting wasted aspect of the story). But he assumed that they had had sex, which, I think, is a pretty fair assumption to make, all things considered. More »

Relationships: Married Men Are Better Behaved Than Unmarried Men

Relationships: Married Men Are Better Behaved Than Unmarried Men

Men who are married engage in less aggressive and illegal behavior than those who aren’t, according to a new study.

The trend seems to be partly because of the bonding effect of marriage itself and partly because less antisocial men tend to be the ones walking down the aisle in the first place, the research shows.

Previous links have been drawn between marriage and the reduction in bad behavior. But it wasn’t known why. More »