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Into Temptation: How to Get Through Lent Without An Eating Disorder Relapse

Into Temptation: How to Get Through Lent Without An Eating Disorder Relapse

Catholicism is getting a lot of attention right now, mostly due to the new pope. But the fact is that the month of March is always kind of a big time for Catholics, because it’s the time of the year when they contemplate the life and death of Jesus Christ by observing Lent.  But it can also be a triggering time for those who suffer from an eating disorder.  More »

Valentine’s Day Recipe: Make Your Own Vegan Conversation Hearts

Valentine's Day Recipe: Make Your Own Vegan Conversation Hearts

Conversation hearts are a Valentine’s Day staple — but let’s be honest, store-bought candy hearts are kind of chalky and weird-tasting. They also contain gelatin, which is not only neither vegan nor vegetarian-friendly, it’s also a little icky when you know more about it. But if you’re craving a little message on a heart-shaped candy, why not make your own that are vegan, and free of artificial dyes and flavors? More »

Ladies, It’s Time To Up Your Masturbation Game

Ladies, It's Time To Up Your Masturbation Game

Here’s the deal: Most women don’t have solo sex nearly as often as they probably should (and some aren’t even sure how to masturbate). According to the Kinsey Institute, fewer than 39% of women in their 30s have gone it alone in the past month (while just over 50% of women in their 20s say they have). Which is a shame, because masturbation, whether you’re in a couple or not, is a) tons of fun, and b) rife with healthy benefits that are good for your body, your brain, and your overall quality of life. In essence, regardless of what your relationship situation is, it’s time to make time to masturbate. More »

Why I Love Football…Despite My Worries About Football Injuries And Violence

Why I Love Football...Despite My Worries About Football Injuries And Violence

The Super Bowl is approaching, and, despite a tragic shortage of chicken wings, fans are rallying around the biggest day for the game they love. And while I’m excited, because I’m a football fan to my core, I’m also conflicted–and not just because my team didn’t make it. I’m conflicted because, between hoaxy girlfriends, the never-ending push to play with an injury, the brain damage, and the legacy of sexism, violence, and abuse, there are about a million reasons why football, as a professional sport and as an institution of higher education, should be decried by feminists, parents, concerned citizens, and generally moral human beings. More »

This Year, I’m Going To Stop Lying To My Therapist

This Year, I'm Going To Stop Lying To My Therapist

For the first time in my non-collegiate adult life, I recently got health care. The first thing I did was book an appointment with a therapist. The second thing I did was request my college medical records, to confirm my timeline of medication and what my dosages were. But they included more information than I’d expected. Like notes from the doctor, which reminded me that when I was 20 years old and seeking medical help and drug therapy for my mental illness (I’m bipolar), I was also lying through my teeth. More »

How Milla The Night Baker Is Crowdsourcing Anorexia Rehab

How Milla The Night Baker Is Crowdsourcing Anorexia Rehab

I first learned about Camilla Kuhns through a news story. We live in the town–Seattle–and she struggles with something I do, too: At 29, Kuhns doesn’t have access to healthcare. But she doesn’t just need a new prescription for birth control; Kuhns has been battling anorexia for 18 years. And now, in the age of the internet, she’s finally found a way to get the eating disorder recovery she needs: Crowdsourcing through her blog, Milla the The Night Baker. More »

Don’t Believe The Reports: People Don’t Really Like Facebook Better Than Sex

Don't Believe The Reports: People Don't Really Like Facebook Better Than Sex

A forthcoming study, which has been widely reported on, has media outlets stating that people find Facebook (and the internet on the whole) more desirable, more irresistible, and basically more awesome than sex. But there’s a major flaw in the way the study is being talked about; You can check Facebook in a restaurant, on the bus, or while waiting in line at the grocery store. Sex is not exactly in the same boat. More »

Kate Moss Swears She Wasn’t Anorexic…She Just Didn’t Eat

Kate Moss Swears She Wasn't Anorexic...She Just Didn't Eat

In a recent interview with Vanity Fair, Kate Moss opens up on a lot of topics. Heroin–which she says she never did–, being a favorite among the paparazzi, and her relationship with Johnny Depp are all subjects the model (and media fascination) candidly speaks about. But she’s a little less straightforward on another topic of interest: Her thin, thin frame, which kicked off rumors of anorexia…and an epidemic of women chasing the “heroin chic” look. And while Moss swears she never actually developed anorexia, her life and eating during her height in the 90s sound pretty…well, disordered. Also, kind of whiny. More »

Poverty Is A Health Crisis–And We Need To Stop Pretending It Isn’t

Poverty Is A Health Crisis--And We Need To Stop Pretending It Isn't

When we talk, as a nation, about health care, there are a lot of important aspects we must address. Women’s health care, for one, is vital to the country’s overall wellness. So is prevention and care of obesity-related illness. But a subject that gets discussed less frequency and with less sensitivity is that of the increased health risks of those living in poverty. The idea that, for millions of Americans, health care is simply too cost-prohibitive, seems completely over the heads of many lawmakers and pundits. And yet, according to a recent Gallup poll, it’s clear: Poverty just comes with more health risk factors and more chronic disease. And we need to talk about that, too. More »

6 Smart Ways To Avoid A Post-Halloween Hangover

6 Smart Ways To Avoid A Post-Halloween Hangover

Due to the unfortunate timing of Halloween this year (in the middle of a giant hurricane, as well as in the middle of the week), there’s a good chance that a lot of us may not be celebrating quite as exuberantly as we usually would. But if you’re not a huge drinker, even a few cocktails at a party (or glasses of wine as you’re hunkered down in your storm-proofed apartment) could spell an unfortunate hangover come Thursday morning. But with a little common sense, you, too, can be the day-after daze. More »