This Video Of A Dude Eating 200 Peeps Is Way Scarier Than Watching Marshmallows Explode In The Microwave


Everyone goes a little nuts when it comes to Easter candy. Between Peeps, Cadbury Eggs and Jelly Beans, we all shove too much into our mouths and feel the tummy ache that comes with regret. However, somebody may have one-upped us all when it comes to cramming in as much Easter candy as possible.

Brace yourself, ladies and gentlemen, because what you are able to see is grotesque and quite difficult to watch.

In case you want to spare yourself the visuals, we’ll give you a rundown of what’s to come.

Competitive eater Matt Stonie — known in the man-eat-food world as ‘Megatoad’ — posted a video to YouTube on Friday that shows him shoveling 200 Peeps into his mouth in just over 14 minutes. This doubled his previous record. By finishing off 200 Peeps, Stonie consumed roughly 5,600 calories worth of the bird-shaped marshmallow. That’s 1,360 grams of sugar, no thank you very much.

Stonie isn’t a stranger to gastrointestinal challenges. HuffPost reports that in the past, he’s eaten a 5-lb burrito, 182 slices of bacon, and seven Shamrock Shakes from McDonald’s. But this particular feat was still challenging — both for Stonie, and for us to watch.

Here goes:

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