The NRA Wants You To Carry A Gun During Your Run. Here’s A Tip: Don’t.


Marathon training is hard. With certain training runs amounting to over 20 miles long, you’ll be out on the road for undocumented periods of time. That means you need supplies, like fuel and anti-chafe lube (yes, that’s a real thing).

When I go out on a long run, I typically fill my SPI race belt with GUs or Clif Bars, pack my armband with my iPod, and keep my keys and a couple dollars in my wristband in case I find myself needed to buy a water bottle — or stranded in need of a ride home (hey — some runs are tough!).

But there’s one (well, technically many things, but for this instance, one) thing I don’t carry, and that’s a gun. Apparently, the NRA thinks I should.

According to a tweet by @NRABlog (because they have a blog, and their blog has a Twitter account), the NRA wants runners to carry a gun in the waistband of their stretchy pants when headed out for a run. The ask is both ridiculous, and dangerous.

Luckily, runners didn’t take the bait — and most people didn’t take the tweet seriously.

People on Twitter gave some great answers to the, ‘What do you carry when you head out for a workout?’ question, like:

  • “Love in my heart”
  • “A Civil War era cavalry saber. People don’t mess around with a dude carrying a saber.”
  • A photo of a tuna salad sandwich
  • “Are these those special “holster waist” running tights I haven’t read about?”

Runners, take note. You don’t need to carry a gun on you. Just run with a buddy, reflective gear, and your cell phone. Oh, and run with awareness.

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