Health Coach Proves Wine May Do More For Our Fitness Than We Originally Thought


Working out is a necessary evil, if you want to eat hamburgers and be able to fit into your jeans. And while sweating it out at the gym can be absolutely boring sometimes, we love it when a fresh face comes in, pushes aside what we know, and introduces a kickass workout we actually want to try.

So is the case with health coach April Storey, who recently uploaded a video to Facebook featuring a new twist on a classic post-work routine. Instead of winding down to a glass of wine, Storey’s nightcap features a workout focusing on wine.

More than 25 million people have viewed Storey’s unique technique on Facebook, in which she uses bottles of wine for bicep curls, and rewards lunges and press-ups with a sly (and rewarding).

What else can we say, but ‘WHAT A GENIUS?!’

Sporting a “Will Run for Wine” t-shirt, Storey is my new hero and workout motivation.

Who knew?! A glass of wine may be healthier than we thought!

Watch some of her workout here:

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