The Weird Reason Why Having A Boyfriend Can Make You Fat

Are you in a relationship?


Congratulations! … Unless you Instagrammed your Valentine’s Day bouquet with a caption like, “Luckiest girl in the world.” If you did that, you’re annoying.

But I digress. If you’re a woman in a relationship, there’s something you should know. While you may be happily lost in your romantic bliss, something might be happening to your waistline.

Relationship weight gain is real for many people, and spending more time, or shacking up, with your significant other can make you prone to unhealthy choices that will subsequently lead to weight gain. Unfortunately for us ladies, research suggests women tend to get the brunt of the bulge, gaining weight when they move in with male partners.

While no single event can take responsibility for this weight gain, you can probably guess where the baggage comes from — nachos for two, date nights, and splitting bottles of wine as you soak up each other’s awesomeness.

Either way, if you’re moving in with your man — or just starting to spend lots of time together — it might be a good idea to incorporate some cardio into your week. At least it’s another thing you can do together.


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