This Woman’s Washboard Abs Will Put You To Shame


Want abs? Perhaps you’ve been slaving away doing planks at the gym. Or maybe you’ve even purchased a Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro to carve out the stomach you covet.

While most women will admit they spend hours on their yoga mat to get even the tiniest results, one woman is blowing us all away with her Instagram photos showcasing a perfect six-pack … over a full-term pregnant belly.

While most of us struggle to do a sit up on a good day, Stacie Venagro is breaking the internet with her now-Instagram famous six pack. The kicker? She’s very, very pregnant.

Venagro, a 31-year-old bodybuilder, shared pictures of her working out with her abs-olutely ripped baby belly on Instagram (see photos here). She keeps her followers up-to-date with weekly belly photos — like many women do — but the sight is a lot to stomach (pun intended).

We can’t wait to see what kind of bodybuilder, warrior or Zumba champion Venagro pops out!

Meanwhile, we’ll just keep tending to our food baby.

Image via Instagram

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