You Don’t Need A Reason To Eat More Cheese, But We’re Giving You One Anyway


I always knew cheese was a lifesaver. It’s saved my life multiple times in moments of extreme hunger, and even extreme pain (like my last breakup). And now, more people are recognizing it as the wonderful dairy hero it is.

A new study conducted by the University of Michigan found that the preservative nisin drastically reduced tumors in mice. If you’re wondering WTF nisin is, I’ll tell you: a peptide created by the bacteria Lactococcus lactic. Don’t worry about the bacteria part, this isn’t Chipotle. What’s important is, nisin can be found in dairy products like cheddar, Brie and Camembert cheese (so if you need an excuse and/or validation for eating tons of cheese, there you go).

Researchers found the preservative killed between 70 to 80 percent of cancer cells in nine weeks after the mice were fed ‘nisin milkshakes.’ While these milkshakes were highly purified and had a much higher concentration of nisin than your typical cheese block — okay, 20 times more than what’s usually in your food — they yielded the desired results, regardless.

The only bad thing about this study? Dr. Yvonne Kapila, a professor at the University of Michigan’s school of dentistry, concluded, “While promising, the results are small and in mice only, so it’s too early to say if nisin will act the same way in humans.”

Image via Wikimedia Commons

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