This Badass Reason This Fitness Guru’s Bikini Post Went Viral


It’s 2016, and that means we see a lot of bikini selfies on social media.

Unfortunately, the majority of these photos are individuals showing off their weight loss with before and after photos, or “progress” photos from gym buffs. That’s why this post from Molly Galbraith, a fitness trainer and founder of the Girls Gone Strong strength training program, is so important and notable.

Galbraith’s post begins:

This is my body.

This not a before picture.
This is not an after picture.

This just happens to be what my body looks like on a random Tuesday in December of 2015 — it’s a LIFE picture.

Galbraith goes on to explain that her 2016 resolution is to stop caring about what other people think about her body. And isn’t that type of thinking something we should all embody? Galbraith explains:

This is a body that has been called:

- too fat
- too thin
- too masculine
- too strong
- too weak
- too big
- too skinny

…all within the same week.


This body has been publicly evaluated, judged, and criticized, and those judgments have been used to determine my level of skill as a coach and a trainer, and my worth as a person, both positively and negatively.

She then goes on to say:

Today this is a body that is loved, adored, and cherished by the only person whose opinion matters — ME.

Galbraith concludes that she has come to love and accept her body how it is, and others can shove their opinions, well, anywhere else.

I love this type of thinking. Let’s all resolve to be better (and nicer) to our bodies in 2016!

Image via Molly Galbraith FB page

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