Equinox May Advocate For Breastfeeding In Public, But You Still Can’t Afford To Join Their Gyms


Equinox has always stunned us by portraying giant billboards featuring naked bodies around NYC, but now it seems like they’re making a bigger, bolder statement. This time, it’s about breastfeeding.

It seems a little far-fetched for a gym’s brand message, but an intrepid new ad from Equinox Fitness features an image of a mother breastfeeding twins — while dining at a restaurant.

I feel like, since it’s Equinox, the more suitable setting would have been in a gym, but who am I to judge their very progressive ad?

This particular Equinox ad is part of a larger campaign called “Commit to Something.” The campaign consists of seven “bold” images by iconic fashion photographer Steven Klein.

According to a press release from the #LookBetterNaked brand, “Each of the seven images tells a different story about commitment.” The particular image we’re discussing means to depict“a young mother unapologetically breastfeeding in public.”

While highlighting breastfeeding in public as a normal, acceptable behavior (which it is) is certainly encouraged, I don’t think Equinox is necessarily the brand to do it. They thrive off telling us that our bodies aren’t good enough, so what makes them the all-hailed “acceptance” brand now?

I’m not really buying it. And neither is The Huffington Post. Associate Parents Editor Caroline Bologna concluded:

Normalizing the sight of breastfeeding is a positive, but we’d like to think moms don’t have to be wearing fancy jewelry to nurse in public.



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