If You’re A Slob, You Might Just Be A Creative Genius

messy rooms

Well, I didn’t really. But I always knew there was more to me than being a huge slob.

While my room will probably always be messy, John Haltiwanger of Elite Daily just confirmed that, well, “that’s okay.” Because even though my habit of not putting my clean laundry away ASAP might scare my mother, it might actually mean that I’m a creative genius. BOO YA.

Apparently, being a bit disorganized, at least to Haltiwanger, doesn’t mean I have a chaotic mind. Instead, it could mean that I’m simply a person who finds inspiration in messy situations, and am not concerned with doing things just because others are doing them.

I won’t argue with Haltiwanger’s reasoning (he thinks I’m brave and spontaneous, guys!) but I will say that I wish his article was linked to some kind of scientific study that used actual research to come to this conclusion.

But I’ll leave you with this quote from Haltiwanger himself: “There is simplicity and beauty in living a messy life, which is precisely why it produces such enlightened and innovative individuals.”

You know what? I wholeheartedly agree.

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