Here’s Something To Be Thankful For This Year: Men Are Manscaping Now More Than Ever


Hey ladies — here’s something to be thankful for this year.

Apparently, men are manscaping now more than ever. Despite the fact that beards are getting thicker by the day, men are taking a note from David Beckham’s clean cut (and hair-free) underwear ads and tidying up “down there.” A recent survey by Gillette revealed that one in five men is likely to remove their groin hair along with their chest hair.

Why is this, you may ask? And why do we care?

Well, some people think it has more to do with pressure to look good. But personally, I think we should care because if men expect us to be hair-free, we should be able to have similar expectations.

Now, I’m not saying every man should run directly to his razor (which is probably what Gillette wants). But I am saying men should take note of the time and effort it takes to stay, er, trim.

According to Dr. Matthew Hall, a research associate in social psychology at Lancaster University, advertisers are heaping on the pressure and exploiting male insecurities to encourage them to up their grooming standards.

He says: “Men are now under a lot of pressure to look after themselves and to present themselves better.’You only have to look at the supermarket aisles to see the amount of products for me. Men much prefer going shopping now then they ever have …It’s not that men haven’t been doing things with themselves in the past, as they have.

I think what is different about the current climate is very consumerist and capitalist which puts more pressure on men to do something.”

Well, men, welcome to what women have been experiencing for years. Enjoy.

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