Fitness Friday: 24-Hour Fitness Brings YouTube Stars To The Gym


YouTube fitness stars and their online programs are great, but be honest: How many times have you paused a workout video to check your phone, use the bathroom, or grab a few extra seconds of rest?

If you’re not guilty of any of those things, you’re probably lying … or, you have the self-control of … somebody with a lot of self-control (read: not me).

Ever (secretly) wished that your instructor could yell at you to, “keep your back straight!” during planks, or not to slack on that last rep, through the computer? Or even better, in person?

Well, now they can! Except it won’t be through a computer. It will be in actual, real life, at 24-Hour Fitness locations around the nation.

In partnership with YouTube fitness star Cassey Ho, creator of blogilates, 24 Hour Fitness is launching POP Pilates in all locations. The Pilates-inspired program incorporates ab work, full body functional movements and even elements of yoga. The mat-based workout, choreographed to a fun, Top 40 soundtrack, is designed to develop a solid core and lean, strong muscles.

I was able to experience POP Pilates with Ho at the Madison Square Park location of 24-Hour Fitness. While some of the moves were definitely difficult, Ho’s encouragement and upbeat attitude along with the fun soundtrack made the experience enjoyable (well, as “enjoyable” as an intense workout can be). I felt like I got a combination workout of Pilates, yoga, dance and bodyweight exercises. My abs, arms and even my butt felt the burn the following day.

Of course, Ho won’t be conducting every class (or any, for that matter).  But it’s definitely a great way to get more out of her gut-busting workout routines. And, like, develop a 6-pack, if that’s something you’re in to.

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