Impostor Man Buns: Coming To A City Near You

man bun

So I have some bad news: Man buns can possibly cause hair loss. Which is a tragedy, because the only hair that can even make a man bun is beautiful hair.

Accordingly to Men’s Health, man buns create so much tension on the scalp that they rip up hair follicles, leading to bald spots, receding hairlines, permanent hair loss, and even some nasty skin problems. Yech.

The good news is, men can now still achieve a coveted man bun with little-to-no effort by way of man bun extensions. Yes, really.

The clip-in man bun is available in either brown or blonde, so you can sport it around your up-and-coming hipster neighborhood or the poetry reading you occasionally go to, but take it off for your corporate, non-man-bun-approving job. Perks include having a man bun without the hassle of man bun maintenance, which I’ve never experienced but hear is tough. And if that doesn’t encourage you to buy it, maybe this will: The clip-in man bun is on sale for $9.99 on Groupon, even though it regularly sells for $65.34.
As a woman, I prefer that my man buns be the real deal, but I get it if you have to cheat every once in awhile.

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