Fitness Friday: New York City’s KORE Method

Image via KORE

Image via KORE

“Man or woman, straight or gay, a nice ass goes a long way,” is something I learned mid-squat at KORE, a training studio in the Meatpacking District of New York City that specializing in higher intensity interval training (Higher HIIT).

While this mantra didn’t make my exercises any easier, it did motivate me to stay motivated, and push through the workout until the rest of class. That, and the fact that our instructor was energetic — and called us out if we were slacking — and the class was pumped up with a stacked playlist.

KORE’s workout method is called, “High Intensity Interval Training, re-invented.” Hour-long classes are designed to mimic a club setting (the studio features strategically calibrated lighting and dynamic music) so you’ll feel amped up and have fun while you work.

My 60-minute group class, called “KORE Method” offered a functional fitness training program that incorporated resistance equipment, kettlebells, TRX suspension bands and bodyweight exercises (think wall-sits while passing a weighted medicine ball to your peers). Then, to really make you work, we did some fast-paced cardio.

To make sure you get a real workout in, KORE method’s 60-minute session is schedule strategically like a bell curve. After a functional and stretch-based warm-up, we began the “KORE 4” stage, which is 8 minutes of cardio and calisthenics. We did four movements, repeated for two minutes each — aka, brutal. After that, we entered the Sequence IV stage, where we used kettlebells, TRX suspension bands, medicine balls and other resistance equipment. Though it was early in the morning and my brain was a fuzz of workout-induced thoughts, I remember squatting, wall-sitting, doing pull-ups on TRX bands, and lifting kettlebells high into the air.

Ending the class with a sweat-soaked tank top, the workout was a perfect kickstart to my morning. I definitely recommend it for busy New Yorkers, as the circuit-style approach to fitness makes sure you get your strength training and cardio in, in one workout.

What sets it apart from other boutique workout studios in NYC? Well, there’s a car service. So, yeah. Think about that.

Kore is located at 336 W13th Street New York, NY 10014

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