Pippa Middleton Proves She’s A True Baller, Completes 47-Mile Endurance Race


Did you know Pippa Middleton was a boss?

I didn’t — until today. Honestly, I thought she was just another member of the royal family who couldn’t let her sister have all the glory on her wedding day so she wore white, too.

But I was wrong. The sister of the Duchess of Cambridge is actually a beast.

Less than three months after she finished her first marathon (at a baller time of 3:56:33), Pippa completed the ÖTILLÖ Swimrun World Championship on September 7 in Sweden.

The badass endurance race involves a total of 6.1 miles of swimming in the Baltic Sea between 26 archipelago islands, and 40.3 miles of running on the islands. Middleton finished the 47-mile race — a day after her 32nd birthday — in a time of 13:04:24.

The race is done in pairs, where each member of each team must complete the entire distance. Teammates are required to hit each checkpoint and the finish line together. Middletown participated with Jons Bartholdson. Her brother, James Middleton, also competed with James Matthews.

Middleton told People magazine, ““It was one of the hardest things I’ve done! The toughest part was the long swim with the cold water and big waves. But the scenery was beautiful and I love the team part of it.”

I have a newfound respect for Pippa Middleton. Who’s the coolest Middleton sister now?!

Image via The Telegraph

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