What Do Real Runners Think About When They Run?


Running isn’t always easy, even for ultramarathoners. There are some days when running feels amazing and you reach that coveted runner’s high, but then there’s also days when the opposite happens, and taking another step feels absolutely impossible.

When elite runners were asked to think aloud during an eight-mile run, 32 percent of them thought about — you guessed it! — how hard running actually is. According to a study published in the International Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology in June, one runner’s spoken thought was: “Hill, you’re a bitch.”

Another 40 percent of elite runners thought about their time and pacing, and 28 percent thought about their environment, making the case for varying up your running route and trying out a scenic course.

But to find out what non-elite runners thought about during their runs, The Huffington Post asked more casual runners (or the not-so-elite running community) their thoughts on the matter. Tactics range from day-dreaming, to repeatedly thinking, “This is the worst,” to bargaining with oneself to get through the next mile.

To see more of these distraction tactics, check out this article.

How do you keep yourself occupied during a run? What do you think about to get yourself through another mile?

Image via The Huffington Post

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