Here’s What Not To Do When You Lose Your Cool At The Gym

Scott Dudelson/Getty

Scott Dudelson/Getty

We all get a little heated sometimes, especially at the gym. It’s easy for rage to escalate when we’re pumping iron or beasting through treadmill sprints. Cardio, am I right?

So it’s only understandable that rapper Busta Rhymes got flustered when he felt threatened at the gym.

What did he do, you wonder? Did he go a little too HAM on the punching bag? Did he curse loudly during deadlifts? Did he smack talk the instructor in his group fitness class?

Well, no, he didn’t. What he did do was throw his strawberry protein drink at a gym employeeSplat.

First of all, strawberry? I thought Busta Rhymes would be more of a chocolate shake guy. Secondly, I wonder if that same gym employee had to wash strawberry goop off of an elliptical machine. Sucker.

According to the New York City Police Department, things got heated between the Brooklyn-born rapper and the Steel Gym employee, which made Rhymes lose his shake — conveniently on the worker.

While no injuries were reported, the rapper was charged with assault.

The bottom line? Don’t be a douchebag at the gym.

The silver lining? Sometimes big, seemingly tough and tattooed rappers drink strawberry smoothies for funsies.

And, since I know you’re craving them, check out these delicious smoothie recipes.

Image via Scott Dudelson/Getty

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