These Pants Could Stop Your iPhone From Dying

jo's jeans

We all know that one of the very worst things that can happen to us in a day is having our iPhone batteries fade from 20 percent, to 10 percent, to, finally shutting off completely.

While portable chargers are one solution to this ever-growing problem, a new line of pants wants to keep your head above water — and your iPhone from dying.

#Hello, a line developed by Joe’s Jeans, is taking denim classics and turning them into a mini charging booth for iPhones. The mid-rise skinny slacks currently make room for the iPhone 5, 5s, or 6 (sorry, 6 Plus fans, but really, what are you compensating for?) along with a custom battery pack. The whole charging station docks right on your hip….so in a way, your butt can charge your phone, instead of its normal butt-dialing shenanigans.

#Hello is kinda pricey at $189, especially since it doesn’t come with a battery pack itself. That’s an additional $50. The other thing you should watch out for? The jean and pack duo can only charge the iPhone 5 and 5S up to 85 percent, and the iPhone 6 up to 70 percent.

While all of that is kind of lame, it certainly beats finding a charging station in the middle of an amazing set at a music festival, or losing all of you friends at a crowded bar or confusing city. It also beats having your entire outfit sag because the iPhone 6 is a monstrosity and literally will weigh you down and/or cause your pants to fall off.

I’m not sure what it says about America that we need pants to charge our phones, but it probably isn’t healthy. Then again, maybe I’m just biased against pants.

Image via Joe’s Jeans

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