This Is How You Stop A Burglary At A Sandwich Shop


If you’ve ever worked behind the cash register anywhere, you’ve probably wondered: What do I do if I get robbed?

While the chances of an armed robbery are much more likely if you work at a bank than at a deli, there’s still a chance you’ll encounter a very hungry burglar anywhere that serves food. The good news is, two teenager sandwich artists have cracked the code on how to protect yourself in these types of situations: Simply ignore the thief (and/or thieves).

Yes, the same trick that your mom taught you about boys in fifth grade (“If you ignore them, they’ll stop bothering you, honey. Promise.”) is apparently the solution to thwarting off robbers. Using nothing more than their natural apathy and a crushing load of indifference, the teenagers scared — or perhaps, bore — the attempted culprit away.

According to police, a man entered a Subway franchise in Coventry, Rhode Island on Tuesday wearing what appeared to be a white t-shirt on the top of his head, and a tan plastic shopping bag tied around his face — some would call this a disguise. He then proceeded to demand money.

Instead of forking over some cash and freaking out, the Subway employees instead mistook him for an actual customer, and did what they would normally do under said circumstances: Ignored him.

NBC News reported the man appeared exasperated in security camera video footage, then, “became agitated and mumbled something under his breath as he walked out of the business.”

The two teens resumed business as normal, going back to to Snapchatting their friends. Allegedly.

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