This Company Is Trying To One-Up Uber’s Kitten Delivery Service By Bringing You Champagne


Remember when Uber promised to deliver us kittens? The fantastic marketing ploy quickly turned sour, because nobody that I know ever actually saw said kittens. Now, the multi-billion dollar ride-hailing market is getting even more crowded with Gett, an on-demand car service with more than $200 million in funding to date.

Instead of luring new customers with fluffy, cute animals, the ride service is launching with a 10-minute champagne delivery service, which includes two champagne flutes, in partnership with Veuve Clicquot for customers in certain upscale sections of London.

The bubbly offering is part of Gett’s bigger strategy to expand from strictly a ride service into other delivery services. Earlier this year, Gett — which is formerly the startup GetTaxi — teased its plans to launch delivery options for pizza, sushi, flowers, plumbers and more.

While Mashable says at best, this service is catering to the pampered 1 percent, and at worst, it comes off as a shameless publicity stunt, I think an on-demand champagne service is something most people won’t forget, lifting Gett higher than its competitors. Plus, anything that makes our lives easier so we can be lazier (ie., any type of delivery service) seems to be widely accepted and praised.

The only thing better than on-demand alcohol and kittens might just be on-demand marijuana, something Sidecar, another car delivery and ride service, can bring to you if you live in Los Angeles or San Francisco.

It’s hard to believe people are really that lazy, but we are — and we’re not bashful about it. I can only hope there is one day an on-demand gym to offset our lazy behavior.

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