The Mom Bod Is A Thing Now, And It’s Freakin’ Awesome

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By now, you know about that whole “Dad bod” thing. You know, the concept I ranted about a few days ago that glorifies men’s imperfect bodies…even though women are still expected to be in pristine shape.

(OK, I know that sentiment doesn’t ring true for everyone. Some men, as Meghan Trainor declares, like some extra booty to hold at night. And I also know that the Dad body at least opens the conversation to how we need to accept all imperfect bodies…but I digress.)

Many critics of the “Dad Bod” (including myself) have advocated for the “Mom Bod.” And while of course, there were Mom Bods out there prior to this discussion, it’s only now that people are proudly displaying them on their social media channels for all of us to see. So while, yes, the Dad Bod hoopla is problematic, it’s now sparking a new, progressive conversation both online…and among my coworkers.

I can count on a couple fingers the amount of times I’ve ever posted a picture where even a little of my belly has showed. Even back when I had a flat stomach, i had some clear body image issues and refused to see myself as anything but ugly. This week, I heard this new trend called #dadbod and it made a lot of moms (including me) really fucking angry. Since the birth of my gorgeous baby, I’ve been told stretch marks, extra fat and loose skin were something to be ashamed of but now suddenly it was considered “cool” for men to have it even though they didn’t have the job of carrying a baby in their belly for 9 months. Needless to say, society can screw itself and I’m so done being ashamed of my kickass body that produced a miracle. #mombod #sickofbeingashamed

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This is an important step forward, because all mothers should be proud of their “Mom Bods” — and all women who don’t have six-pack abs or a super toned body need to know that it’s okay to be pleased with how they look… and be excited to show off what they’ve got.

#mombod #embraceit It is all worth with it for my little man! Would not trade it for the world!

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The truth is, nobody’s perfect, even when photoshop is involved. To prove it, these women took to social media to show off their Mom Bods, which BuzzFeed conveniently pulled together for us.

Check out the beauty of the Mom Bod, and remember that whatever you’ve got, you deserve to rock.

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