You’ll Never Believe What This Salon Wants To Put On Your Face

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The world has officially gone bonkers, because the hottest new beauty ingredient comes from … boobs?

Um, yeah.

Joining a long list of gross ingredients women use to make themselves look more beautiful — like snail slime, placenta, foreskin and bird poop — is breast milk. Apparently.

Now, I’ve heard of breast milk being used as a post-workout recovery drink (you know, for those nutrients you just can’t get from a Gatorade), and I’m not sure what’s more disgusting: swallowing that stuff, or letting it sit on your face for extended periods of time.

I’m inclined to think actually ingesting it is more vom-worthy, but still, the practice is quite…different.

Home to this new, rogue practice is newly-opened Chicago-based salon Mud. Soon, they’ll offer a $10 ‘extra pampering’ option to their sensitive skin facial, which will include a ‘breast milk substitution.’ Meaning, yes, boob milk on your face.

According to many mommy bloggers on the Internet (which seems like a perfectly safe and valid source), breast milk has a ton of benefits. Not only is it used as recovery fuel for athletes, it’s also a great cleanser that can help treat acne and eczema. It’s also a useful eye makeup remover, a great substitute for chapstick, and could even be used as contact lens solution (which is just something I read, not something I recommend).

That doesn’t mean you should start ordering breast milk and applying it directly on your face. But hear this out: studies show that lauric acid, which is found in breast milk, posses antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties against acne, making the case for breast milk’s skin healing benefits.

Mud promises that the breast milk they’ll apply to your face is sourced only from local moms who are registered with a certified milk bank and medically screened. I’m still not sure that’s sold anyone, but hey — there might be some people out there fed up after 15 years of chronic acne that might just be crazy enough to try it!

In case you aren’t one of these people, SELF Magazine recommends using coconut oil — which is nature’s richest source of lauric acid — instead.

As for me, I think I’ll stick with Neutrogena.

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