20 Million To Participate In ‘Great ShakeOut’ Today, Which Is Either An Earthquake Drill Or Taylor Swift-Themed Flash Mob

Great ShakeOut

By now, you’ve probably heard Taylor Swift’s hit single, ‘Shake it Off.’

If you haven’t, you should probably crawl out of under that rock you’re living under and get with the times. Oh, and shake it off—by preparing for an earthquake.

Come to think of it, maybe that rock is a protected place to live, after all.

According to TIMEover 20 million people are expected to participate in theGreat ShakeOut today, an earthquake readiness drill that aims to improve safety measures during an earth-jiggling natural disaster.

At 10:16am, you can practice your ‘drop, cover and hold on’ moves along with millions of others worldwide! This government-recommended protocol involves getting on the ground, taking cover under a table desk, and holding on until the earthquake is done shaking up your insides.

The annual event hopes to educate people on how to protect themselves in the event of an earthquake, and improve preparedness. Even if earthquakes are rare where you actually live, they can still happen to you when you travel, or pretty much just randomly, in general.

California, unsurprisingly, has teh highest partipation rate of any U.S. State or nation: 10.32 million people. But with over 25 million people registered worldwide, ShakeOut events are also happening in New Zealand, Japan, Southern Italy and parts of Canada.

So whether you live in an earthquake zone or just want to be prepared, be sure to mark your clock for 10:16am. It’s a great excuse, if nothing else, to just hide under your office desk for awhile and maybe even take a nap.

Because if Ebola has taught us anything, it’s that we could always prepare better.

Also, if you just want to Shake it Off… Here’s Taylor:

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