9 Potential Plots For The Upcoming Marshmallow Peeps Movie

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Uhh so, apparently there is going to be a feature film based on Peeps. Yes, Peeps. You know, those sugar coated marshmallows traditionally shaped like little chicks or bunnies? They’re finally going to have their story told on the silver screen.

According to Coming Soon, the movie will go a little something like this:

The Peeps movie is planned to take place on the eve of diorama contest. The heroic lead Peep will have to journey through various other dioramas (and their respective fantasy environments) to return to its rightful home.

Okay, that sounds like it’s for babies. We have some better ideas. In my Peep eating experience, the adorable gelatinous holiday treats don’t have personalities or any sort of narrative so one can only speculate as to what the movie will entail–so speculate we did!

Here are 10 potential plots to Peeps: The Movie:

  1. The Marshmallow Candidate. Hopefully Meryl Peep and Denzel Gelatin are on board for this sugary interpretation of the Manchurian Candidate.
  2. Princess Peep And The Great Sugar Rush. Chaos is in the air when there’s a caramelizing heat wave in the Kingdom of the Marshmallows. The beautiful Princess Peep steps up to save the day after her parents tragically melt.
  3. Revenge Of The Peeps. The Peeps get together to avenge the tragic demise of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man in Ghostbusters.
  4. Peeps Gone Wild. A group of sweet college age chicks go party with their peeps on spring break. Things will get sticky!
  5. Honey, I Blew Up The Peeps. Rick Moranis puts a package of Peeps in the microwave and hilarity ensues.
  6. Peep World. The Peeps are in a pop band and they’re touring the world in a big sugar coated bus.
  7. Peeper. It’s a sci-fi flick akin to the plot of Sleeper, but starring a bespectacled Woody Allen-esque marshmallow.
  8. Jeepers Peepers. This is no ordinary Easter egg hunt. In Jeepers Peepers, humans are being hunted by colorful candy bunnies.
  9. Super Peeps. The Peep factory has been exposed to radiation causing all of the Peeps to gain powers. Not all the peeps will use their powers for good.
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