Watch Deepak Chopra Give The Coolest Explanation of How Butterflies Are Made, Ever

butterfly deepak chopraMost people know that caterpillars become butterflies, but unless you’re studying biology, you probably don’t know much more than that. If the only thing you can think of is “cocoon,” you should check out Deepak Chopra‘s version of the story: This week, on his show, “Rabbit Hole,” Deepak explains how something called ‘imaginal cells’ are responsible for the metamorphosis from caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly.

Basically, they contain the genetic coding for butterflies, but are different from the caterpillar’s other cells, so the immune system attacks them. They withstand the attack, the caterpillar starts to die, and the cells are activated and fed by the decaying carcass. (That’s the less beautiful part of the process.)

But the cool part is Deepak’s illustration of the events, along with his take on what it all means: That “if we’re willing to entertain the idea that consciousness plays a role in creative leaps through evolutionary time, then you and I in the deepest realm of our being are the imagination of ourselves.”

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Photo: flickr user robert.claypool

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