Welcome THE CHOPRA WELL To Blisstree!

the chopra wellHere at Blisstree, we give you all kinds of advice, stories, and debates about how to live well and be healthy. So we’re happy to join forces with The Chopra Well, Deepak Chopra‘s new YouTube channel. As his son, Gotham Chopra, has explained, he’ll explore less of the how to (we’ve got that covered) and more about the how come with the help of his family and friends.┬áThe channel will feature new episodes every Sunday, Monday, and Wednesday, exploring all kinds of spiritual questions and more…and you can watch them all here at Blisstree.

Just check out our CHOPRA WELL page (you can get to it from our home page) to watch the latest videos, including the following shows:

Ask Deepak - where Deepak Chopra explores huge and hard-to-answer questions (like “is sexual energy the same as spiritual energy,” and “what’s the meaning of life”).

Holy Facts - Gotham Chopra explores the fine line between science, spirituality, and…insanity.

Spiritual Solutions - where Deepak directly answers YOUR questions about how to deal with every day problems.

The Meditator - helping you clear your head with guided daily meditations.

Who Are You? – where TV stars like Vinny G get spiritual and talk about the meaning of life with Deepak.

Check it out and tell us what you think!

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      That is indeed a cool channel! Thanks a lot for the very interesting share.

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    • Gunter

      Oh good, more pseudoscience!