Thank Heavens! A Device Designed To “Stop Incontinence” (Mildly NSFW)

InControl InTone

Throughout time, “stimulating devices” have been used to treat everything from “hysteria” to diabetes. Now, thanks to the InControl InTone, you can add “constantly having to pee” to the list. Yup, this friendly purple device has just been cleared by the FDA as an effective way to strengthen the pelvic wall and stop incontinence. Which it really will do! Of course, regular, no-vibrator-needed kegel exercises work just fine on their own…but we don’t have to tell anybody that. Because this thing looks pretty cool.

stop incontinenceThe InTone, says inventor Herschel “Buzz” Peddicord (Buzz!), is “a true medical breakthrough, and welcome news for the millions of women who have incontinence issues.” According to InControl’s website, it is not a vibrator, per se (it doesn’t vibrate–it pulses, and takes just 10 minutes of use per day. But, I mean, you could use it for longer if you wanted to, I imagine.

Here’s what the website has to say about it:

InTone’s patented technology combines the benefits of gentle muscle stimulation to exercise and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles, with guided biofeedback so you can see proof of your progress. InTone actually treats female bladder leakage at its root cause.

The “insertable muscle stimulator” has a hand-held controller, and is rechargeable for your convenience. It is also purple, which is nice. But here’s where it gets way cooler than every other incontinence cure (or insertable muscle stimulator) ever–it talks to you! Yup, the controller, which senses your muscle tone, walks you through your “session,” and help you get the best kegel workout of all time. Basically, it’s like a Zumba instructor for your vaginal muscles. It is not, however, waterproof.

You can watch the instructional video here. Caution: it’s similarly NSFW, due to hand gestures and the use of the word “vagina.”

Oh, and because it’s been cleared by the FDA for use in treating incontinence, and is already being marketed to medical professionals, there’s a pretty decent chance that your insurance might cover some or even all of the cost of the device. Hooray!

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    • JustMy2cents

      You need to rewrite this article or rather have someone who is out of middle or high school write this article. This device looks to be a god send for young women with spinal cord injuries like me.

      If it does what it is meant to do, it could be a huge life changing break through.

      I didnt ask to get injured, but I was, And I ended up with Cauda Equina Syndrome at just 29 years old. I have trouble controlling my bladder. This device was made for people like me.

      Anyone like me using it because of spinal cord injuries, wont be using it as a vibrator as we have nearly no feeling at all in the vaginal area. So yeah we cant do kegel exercises. You know cause of that whole lack or feeling, and muscle control.

      So Thanks for letting me know how everyone around me will view this device if they ever see it. As if pissing myself wasn’t embarrassing enough as it is.

    • 2plus2


      I am also disabledwith spinal cord issues and feel your frustration. When I saw the link to this article I was very excited though not in any sexual way….. anywho..
      I was thinking that maybe Blisstree is not exactly the venue for a comprehensive, scientific review of said device. At least they got the word out there to those of us who do need real help. Personally, I am resigned to the fact that true understanding of another’s situation is extremely rare until experienced first hand. A painful reality that we all deal with in varying degrees. I prefer to laugh. Until I’ve had enough.

    • Mom of 2

      I am a mom of 2 small children and have not found kegals alone to be sufficient help to resolve my problem. I really have no interest in having a PT/OT terabits put a finger up my vagina to assist me in biofeedback so I’d say this device could be awesome. And your blog is quite judgmental and you obviously have no knowledge of the implications incontinence can have on your life.