Hershey’s Says ‘Thank You’

The Hershey company have been donating portions of the sales of their chocolate for years now in support of their own Milton Hershey School, and now they want to thank you.


Well, there’s really nothing much in it for the consumer, aside from the fact that the candy bars you continue to buy will still be benefiting the Milton Hershey School in Hershey, Pennsylvania, but that should give you some warm fuzzies (especially if you check out some of the videos and stories from alumni on the site).

However, in recognition of the school’s 100 anniversary, starting this January you’ll get it in writing with a special “thank you” on the backs of the king and regular sized milk chocolate and almond bars. The thank you says: “Every Hershey’s product you’ve enjoyed has helped support children in need through Milton Hershey School. Thank You for making a difference!”

[image used with permission from hershey.com]

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